Fischer Traverse 78 Crown/Skin Xtralite

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Whether you're taking the trail less traveled or blazing your own path through untouched terrain, the Traverse 78 Crown/Skin Xtralite ski is here to provide stability and control on every adventure. The wider profile ensures a secure yet comfortable fit while the deeper than average sidecut allows you to access fresh lines and journey deeper into unexplored territory. To make your descent even smoother, this phenomenal ski comes with a full metal edge that will take on any challenge.

For those steeper climbs, incorporate our Easy Skin 50 for a reliable grip and straightforward attachment and removal. Our special mix of mohair and nylon material glides perfectly, is highly durable, and grips like nobody's business – giving you an extra push as you trek up the slope! Experience effortless transition from ascent to descent with the perfect blend of grip and glide provided by our Offtrack Crown system. Regardless of where your adventure leads you, rely on the Traverse 78 Crown/Skin Xtralite ski to keep you firmly planted in place with unwavering support at every turn!


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