Fast Wax Thunderbolt Plus 30 Red


22° to 38° F

High speed in humid, wet snow.
• Iron Temperature 266° F
• Blend of paraffin wax and two non-fluorocarbon speed additives
• Use when humidity is greater than 50%
• 80 grams

So what's this new Thunderbolt Plus wax? Glad on our quest to make the next generation ski wax our engineers came across several very promising additives. One of these, additive "J", was such a strong contender as a fluorocarbon replacement we continued to develop and test with it even after we moved forward with the Thunderbolt additive. The real genius came when we started mixing the Thunderbolt additive along with the additive "J". This is where the PLUS comes in. All Thunderbolt Plus products have two highly engineered wax additives that break away from the fluorocarbon legacy.

In benchtop testing, we could see immediate results. When the two additives were mixed we would see how the two additives complimented each other. Additive "J" provided a stronger framework for the Thunderbolt additive to do its job. Providing increased durability and glide. All the speed! None of the fluoro!

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