Snow Thermometers

TOKO Snow Thermometer

TOKO Snow Thermometer
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TOKO Snow Thermometer

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While there may be ski waxing gurus who simply stroll out onto the snow, grab a handful, rub it in between their fingers, and sniff it before picking the right race wax, Toko likes to make sure things are a bit more scientific for the rest of us. The Toko Snowthermometer lets you stroll out onto the snow, jab the device into the white fluff, and sip your steaming cup o' joe while the thermometer does its magic. Don't rely on the air temperature – snow temp tends to lag behind, so air thermometers do not accurately reflect the conditions your skis will be feeling. Toss out the guesswork, and keep the waxing process as accurate as possible with the Toko Snowthermometer.


- Pen-shaped snow thermometer

-33°F to 97°F measuring range