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TOKO Performance Blue

TOKO Performance Blue
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TOKO Performance Blue

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Get ready for a fun day on the slopes with Toko Performance Blue. This hard race wax is formulated for cold snow days, we are talking -30C to -10C. Toko's high fluorinated ski waxes repel moisture and reduce friction on your skis, for your fast flying, smooth sliding enjoyment. This wax acts as a binding agent between your base wax and your top coats of glide finishes. The unparalleled holding power of this binder gives you faster, smoother rides, that last throughout the day. Use Toko Performance Blue as a base wax for your skis on those chilly days for some aggressive sliding.

  • High fluorinated ski wax for cold days
  • Snow Temperature: -30C to -10C (-22C o 14F)
  • Wax Iron Temperature: 150C (300F)
  • Binds Top Finish Products to ski wax