Swix Glide Wax


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MSRP: $90.00
Our Price: $69.00
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HFBW HIGH FLUORINATED GLIDERS 40gram pack........................... $69
This HFBW (BLACK WOLF) with an additive that has a considerable lower coefficient of friction compared with the previous additives. The HFBW waxes are particularly good in transformed and man made snow and in cold snow (dry friction). The head guys at Swix say this stuff doesn't slow down in new snow either. If you were to choose between the HF and the HFBW get the HFBW!

HF8 BW .......25°F to 34°F
High humidity. Especially good when there is new snow covering a moist snow pack. Also when snow is coarse-grained and abrasive. High water and dirt repellent.