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FISCHER RCR CROWN Cross Country Skis

FISCHER RCR CROWN Cross Country Skis
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FISCHER RCR CROWN Cross Country Skis

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Fischer RCR Crown features:

  • 41-44-44 sidecut
  • 1190 g/pair (197cm)
  • WC plus base
  • Air-Core Basalite Pro
  • Pre-waxed
  • NIS plate
  • Double-Crown waxless pattern

  • As with it's sister ski, the RCR Vasa Classic, the Crown Vasa features a Basalight deck.  Basalight is made from Basalt Volcanic rock fibers so it is not only light but strong also. The RCR Crown Vasa is the proven performer of waxless race skis. If you are looking for a waxless race ski that will perform in most all conditions the RCR Crown is a very good choice. As for the race scene, it is like having a secret weapon in your quiver of skis. If the waxing conditions are sketchy, pull out the RCR Crowns. Didn't get the right klister combination with only 15 minutes before the start of the race? Pull out the RCR Crowns. At times this ski can be faster than your waxable racing skis, especially if you miss the wax. The RCR Crown comes with the NIS bonded plate built right onto the ski that the NIS NNN binding slide onto creating a more solid link between the ski and the binding. The result is more control and power transfer. Like the Carbonlite's the RCR Crown's 812 flex pops the ski off the snow quicker for less interference in the glide phase. When flexed right for your weight and skiing ability you get an easier grip and faster glide. The RCR Crowns are waxed right at the factory after the best grind and race finish in the business. The base will not oxidize and will be fast with less preparation on your part. The PREMIUM DOUBLE-CROWN base maximizes glide by minimizing the drag created by a waxless pattern. The single crown is located at both front and back of the waxless pattern. The center section retains the tenacious griping double crown. This ski has a short waxless base pattern milled into the World Cup Plus base and is not very forgiving. We recommend this ski for skiers that like to go fast and have sound technique with a strong kick.  If the ski is too stiff for your weight and technical proficiency you will have a hard time getting grip. If the ski is too soft for your weight, the waxless pattern will drag. Like all performance skis we sell, they are flex tested to ensure a proper fit. Get the best fit and the best service from the best source! Over thirty-seven years of know how.


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