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70 mm tip, 60 mm waist, 65 mm tail.

The Waxless BC 70 Positrack is extremely versatile. The 70 mm tip just barley fits into a machine set track, yet it's width, along with the security of full metal edges have it begging for off-trail adventure. Its Tip and Tail dimensions are 5 mm wider than the BC 65 and the waist is 7mm wider. Those extra mm's give more flotation in deeper snow and more under foot stability. So if you are thinking of using this ski for more off the beaten trail the BC 70 might be a better choice than the BC 65. Gnarly conditions won't hold this ski back. A positive waxless gripping base offers excellent grip with a quiet silky-smooth glide. At slower speeds, you will think you are on a waxable ski. The air-channeled wood core is light and durable. You won't have to worry about breaking a ski in unforgiving terrain. The 10 mm of sidecut makes turn initiation easy and the mid-length sizing enhances control and ease of use. There are no hard to wax for days with this waxless ski. Buy skis length according to your weight not height.  This is a great ski for bigger guys who plan to ski in non-grooomed trails. Recommended Binding:   BC AUTO For maxiumum glide and base prep, let us hot box your skis prior to shipment!

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