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Fischer Outback 68 Crown/Skin Xtralite Backcountry Ski 22-23

Fischer Outback 68 Crown/Skin Xtralite Backcountry Ski 22-23
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Fischer Outback 68 Crown/Skin Xtralite Backcountry Ski 22-23

Our Price: $299.95

EZ-SKIN (+$69.95)
ADD HOT BOX (+$20.00)


For Nordic adventure seekers, the Fischer Outback skis with bindings are an amazing setup. Fischer does a fantastic job creating versatile, fun, and easy to use skis that love to be shown all that nature has to offer. Whether you're in the Nordic center cruising around the trails or heading off into some uncharted territory, these skis and bindings will have your back. With a few handy features to get you either where you need to go, or just to get lost in the woods, these skis are the perfect touring companions. Built with a wood core, the skis also have steel edges to help you out when the going gets tricky. There's a bit of a sidecut built in, with measurements of 68/59/64. Add to that a Nordic Rocker camber profile and you'll be able to make some controlled turns when needed. Maybe not the telemark turns that you'd make on more burly gear, but still, you'll be able to point and turn these skis when and where you want to. As a result, the increased control will also give you increased confidence when you're out there in the winter woods. Giving you traction is the Fischer offtrack crown, ensuring proper grip and control on both the ups and the downs. Not included, but recommended, is the Fischer Easy Skin that easily attaches to the front of the ski and gives you an extra dimension of grip and traction.

Ski Sizing Recommendations (Skier Weight In Pounds):

169 - 110 to 141 pounds

179 - 132 to 176 pounds

189 - 154 to 198 pounds

199 - 176 to 220 pounds

We want to be sure that you are ordering the appropriate ski for your activity. In order to properly fit you we encourage you to call 1-800-889-7456. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Though these are "waxless skis" we recommend the Swix F4 Combi Glide Wax Kit for added performance and general maintanence of all "no-wax" skis.

Includes Mounting, Base Prep

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