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FISCHER SPIDER 62 FLAT DECK (NO BINDING) Cross Country Skis 2019-20

FISCHER SPIDER 62 FLAT DECK (NO BINDING) Cross Country Skis 2019-20
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FISCHER SPIDER 62 FLAT DECK (NO BINDING) Cross Country Skis 2019-20

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62mm Tip, 52mm Waist, 60 mm Tail
Fischer's #1 selling ski because of it's versatility.

The Spider 62 is especially good away from prepared tracks and in difficult terrain conditions. The waxless pattern is an inlay and a positive grip versus the negative grip found on the Spiders up till now. Better Grip in all conditions and glide is still excellent thanks in part to a sintered ptex tip and tail sections.The Spider 62 has a full length metal edge for maximum control and excellent tracking. The Spider's dimensions make it well suited for the groomed trail as well as for adventure skiing out the back door. A traditional 10mm of sidecut makes turn initiation easier. Cap Construction and an air channeled wood core add to this skis durability. The mid-length sizing makes all maneuvers easier. If you are buying this ski for Rugged Touring we recommend the NNN BC Boot / Binding System for increased control. You will never slip off the back of the ski with this system. If you are using this ski for light touring primarily in a groomed trail or light off-track skiing go with the lighter and more nimble Turnamic Touring Binding System. This is an awesome ski for skiing early season, late-season freeze and thaw, frozen lakes, snowmobile paths, or anywhere else! still fits in a groomed set track if you meet up with one. For maximum glide and base-prep, let us hot box your skis prior to shipment!
Sizes: Recommended Skier Weight in pounds
169 (90- 145 lbs)
179 (145 - 195 lbs)
189 (175 - 230)
199 (220- AND UP)

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