Rossignol X-Ium Premium Skating S1 2021

Rossignol X-Ium Premium Skating S1 2021
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Rossignol X-Ium Premium Skating S1 2021

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The Rossignol X-Ium Premium S1 Skate skis are a perfect choice for high-end racers looking for a great cold-weather ski to get them to the top of the podium and beyond. These X-ium skis are built for speed and speed alone. They have a light weight and a high strength to them that is ideal for transmitting energy and power from your foot to the ski. The better the transfer of energy, the more efficient you'll be leading to better results all season long. For racers who are looking to max out on their speed, these skis will certainly do the trick. Built with a 3D Carbon profile that is tailored to each size makes it better for skiers of different weights. They'll get the same great performance regardless of weight. Rossignol's 3 Edge Energy Sensor technology makes the ski stiffer in the waist and more flexible in the tips and tails in order to maximize that energy transfer leading to stronger and more efficient acceleration. In the core, Rossignol uses a Nomex Honeycomb shape that provides an amazing strength to weight ratio. It's all about the balance of weight and power and getting that ratio to work in your favor is about as fun as it gets out there on the course or in the trails. Keeping all of this technology together is the Active Cap construction that makes the ski act and behave like one cohesive unit.