"You need to buy your skis and ski apparel from Northbound Outfitters / Cross Country Ski Shop. Seriously. Right now."
-Clark, Utah
"I'm a first time cross-country ski buyer, so I come with all the nerves, absolute cluelessness, and "I'm going to get ripped off" paranoia. I also live in Utah, so I was x2 on all the emotions above."

"Northbound Outfitters / Cross Country Ski Shop ABSOLUTELY blew me away. There is literally no reason you shouldn't go with them if you are local or buying cross-country (no pun intended). They price match, so forget your worries there. They have the best customer service of any shop I've seen. I'd called them at least 10 times since purchasing the skis with random questions and they answer them all. My boot was a little big, so they immediately sent me a new boot (they covered the shipping). At the time of purchase, they customized everything to my individual specs."

"People! Use this ski shop. You will not regret it. I give them my full recommendation. And no, I'm not related to the owner. 100% random customer."
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Eric for making my hesitant purchase of x-county skis over the internet a great experience!  I took probably WAY to much of his time to ask a lengthy list of questions as we had not purchased new equipment for a number of years.  Not only did Eric answer ALL my questions he gave me options that I had not even considered which turned out to be the best of both worlds.  Both sets of equipment arrived timely and products were exactly as presented.  These people will tell you the truth and do what they say.  I had concerns regarding ski purchases over the internet but this is a great group to deal with and was a great experience!"
- Del Peterson
Tulsa, OK


"Yesterday my wife and I stopped in and you fixed me up with a skating package.
I went out last night and they were AMAZING!  The skis were incredibly responsive and the boots terrific.  The wax seemed to be perfect also.  Thank you so much for taking the time explaining things and getting me set up.
We had heard what a great shop you have and now after experiencing it, everything we have heard was true.
I have just two works to describe your shop and my experience with you..."Awe Some!"
Thanks again."
- Andy Hayes


"I just wanted to thank Bob for the great job he did selecting skis, poles and boots for my husband and myself.  We were hesitant of buying skis through the internet especially since I have never skied before and it's been a very long time for my husband.  Bob was very patient with me on the phone explaining everything very well.  When we did get the skis we went out immediately to try them out and I have to say they are perfect.
Thanks once more."
-Ingrid Fischer