Karrie is responsible for outfitting our customers in the proper winter attire.  Karrie will tell you that it’s imperative to be warm while enjoying winter, but that it is equally important to look good while doing so!  Plus, the animals appreciate it.  A former Hillsdale college basketball player and marathon runner, Karrie now enjoys both skating and classic skiing, walking the dogs at the beautiful Mason Tract Pathway or snowshoeing at Wakeley Lake.  Karrie is married to Gabe and has two daughters Mara (7) and Reese (5).




Craig "Jake" Jacobs

Jake is our everything man...a jack-of-all trades. His ever expanding role entails everything from cheery greetings and personalized customer service to building a new shelf or rack for our latest product.

Jake has knowledge and experience in all of the outdoor activities which makes him a great guy to come to with questions on snowshoes, skis, bikes, canoes, gear and where to use all of that stuff!  An active paddler and kayaker he is very familiar with where to go on the local lakes and rivers. If you are on the local roads, you will see Jake and his family biking and he loves to cross country ski. Although Jake has competed in the AuSable River Canoe Marathon, many adventure races and trail marathons, he prefers to go out his back door and make his own adventure. He loves the fact that he can paddle the AuSable River, hike back to his car,  and not run into anyone. He loves Wenonah Canoes and Patagonia products and he has a wealth of knowledge about both.

Jake is married to Fran and they have two sons. .  He loves to collect Blues CD's and Tiki Mugs.


Biker Bob

Raised in Grand Haven, MI Bob migrated north in 1994 and has been with the Cross Country Ski Shop ever since.  Over the years Bob has developed many loyal customers all over the country.  When they call the shop, they want to speak with Bob.  It does not take long in speaking with him that you understand his passion for skiing.  Whether he's talking with a customer about a high-end race package or a beginner about a recreational touring ski, he digs both.

What does Bob do for fun? A better question is what doesn't he do?   He is an Iron Paddler recipient for 10 successful completions of the Ausable River Canoe Marathon, an 8-time American Birkebeiner competitor, and has competed in every Noquemanon 50k ski race in Marquette.  Bob is an adventure racer,  a paddler, a runner,  a biker..............you get the point.  If it's outdoors, he does it.  So why does he go by "Biker" Bob? Hmmm.....good question. 

Bob is married to Chris and has two boys, Asher (11) and Colm (8)-pronounced "call em".


Heather is our shop word-smith.   At any time you may find her dazzling customers with phrases like “amaze-balls”, “geez-o-peteys”, or  “that makes me gag”.  When she is not inserting her own –isms into the English language, she can be found wearing many hats…accounting, purchasing, facebooking, updating website info, special orders, merchandising, and mostly chatting with customers.  A former Boston Marathoner and Ausable River Canoe Marathoner, Heather also has enjoyed adventure racing, biking, Nordic and Alpine skiing in addition to many other activities.  Heather is the proud mama of Cal (7) and Mac (6).