Special Nordic Ambassador RadNord reporting..
Today saw the virgin run on the new Fischer Spyder 62 skis, Rosignol bcnnn binding, and Rossi bcx6 boots. 4 hrs of high speed bushwhacking saw the Spyders tested on wind pancked icy grey crust with a fresh half inch of windy pow. Climbing was spot on without so much as a spin. We covered massive tracts of woodsy land in a combination of striding, skating, skidaddling and general high speed gliding. The spyders held on the icy descents, provided a good platform for the various jump turns on the icy crusty descents. I am super pleased with this combo, and recommend it highly for all multi trail and back country skiing enthusiasts. The Rossi bcnnn manual bindings were solid and beefy while being simple to use. The Rossi bcx6 boots proved a comfortable and solid replacement for my old bcx 7's. I wouldn't hesitate to take them on an all day tour.
Great ski package, delivered with friendly efficient customer service from Bob and company @ Northbound Outfitters. Totally cool.
Thanks, JR / RadNord. Over and out...


This guy is well equipped! Have fun! Enjoy your new fatbike.


What a great way to get fresh air and see Northern Michigan Beauty.

Ski the Mason Tract! Off of Chase Bridge Road in between Roscommon and Grayling.